My little adventure at Broga’s Hill

It has been awhile since my last travelling to my neighbor country. My body is aching for another adrenalin rush but since I just got married to my new job, it doesn’t really allowed me to have a long leave at least not until next year. Lucky me, the job I’m in today is about Traveling and Lifestyle Magazine. This has given me new opportunity and open more doors into adventures.

So, where do I start? Well, several weeks ago I saw an old friend Matt (a talented photographer) posting pictures in fb on his outdoor activities like hiking and campaign. I gave him a call and asked him to put me in the loop for his next adventure. My wish came true when he told me that he and several friends are going for hiking and campaign that night in one of our famous local hill “Broga’s Hill” not far from Kuala Lumpur. Without hesitation I said yes and told him that I’ll be bringing another friend. It was a spontaneous and random decision!

After getting the list “what to bring” from him I quickly went to the nearest outdoor shop and get all the basic things for hiking. Wow! with only a regular brand I still blow few hundreds!

I went home packing then took a train to meet Annie at our meeting point in Bangsar where Matt will pick us up and soon joining the rest of hikers at another meeting point. There were 8 of us with four cars, all pumped up and ready!

We started our journey at 9.45pm and after 45 minutes driving we finally reach the entrance to Broga’s Hill, I look around it was dark and I can only see the shadow of palm trees around us. I look at Annie and caught her giving me a look of “are we sure what we are doing?” hahaha

After given briefing by Matt, we start to hike with only minimal light from our headlights. For the first 15 minutes the hike was easy, the terrain was quite flat. However I started to panting.. not to mention I was freaking out with the dark surrounding and the only thing I heard is the footsteps and my own heavy breath. The trek started to get challenging for me, and my level of stamina is embarrassing. To my head I was screaming asking ..what did I get my self into? I start saying to my self that I got to start doing physical exercise to stay healthy and no matter what I must set my foot at the peak to night. I had to keep talking to distract my self from feeling tired and pain on my both legs.

We reached at an open flat ground with big boulders. We rested for a few minutes and drank water. Staring down the hill, I can see the small town of Semenyih decorated with night lights. it’s almost 12pm. Energy restored, we continued ascending to the next landing. With a little more energy I made my final push to the peak.

At the peak, we set our camp and tents before we start preparing foods for dinner. We sat in a circle and exchanges some story before we took a rest and wait for the sunrise at dawn.

The real test came when the weather dramatically changed, we were assault by the strong wind and heavy rain pouring non stop for two hours. Imagine, it was years since i spent my last sleep in the tent away from the modern facilities. I was shivering from cold but not much we can do, I and Annie exchanged worried look and pray that rain would stop and hoping everything will be alright.

At 4am, the rain started to stop and and we could clearly hear a dozen of footsteps outside our tent. I remember Matt told me this hill will be full of hikers in the weekend trying to catch the panorama of sunrise. I try to get some sleep but my mind is full of thoughts. I look at AnnieBeb, sejuk lah aku tak boleh tidur… kat luar macam ramai orang je.. next time mu nak buat lagi kerja ni hahaha? ( beb, I’m cold and I can’t sleep… I can hear plenty of people outside.. next time do you wanna do it again..hahaha) I ask Annie if she would do it again and we caught our self burst into laugh. definitely we will do it again!

The view at dawn before sunrise up

The view at dawn before sunrise up

Having our morning coffee while enjoying the view after being assault by the weather

Having our morning coffee while enjoying the view after being assault by the weather

After dramatic moment with a heavy rain and strong wind.. finally the sun are beginning to rise presenting breathtaking views from the peak of Broga's..

After dramatic moment with a heavy rain and strong wind.. finally the sun are beginning to rise presenting breathtaking views from the peak of Broga’s.. (pic, courtesy of Matt Marzuki

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