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Caving at Gua Tempurung and White Water Rafting With The Nutters at Gopeng Perak – Part 1

With the stressful life in the city and work pressures, more and more people yearn for the nature and the slow pace of life outside the city.


It was earlier this year, as always, by the midweek we begin to think and planning to escape from the city. After one of the members in the group suggested cave exploration and white water rafting in Gua Tempurung, it became an instant hit.



While only a few more days before we set out, the number of Nutters for this adventure increased in size, from only 4 people we grew about 23 people. After discussing about our plans on trip, we agree to convoy to Ipoh using five separate cars. In the morning as we heading, we first met for breakfast at the R & R in Rawang.


it was a perfect sunny day for and adventures such ours. Adli Dahalan who also known as Abah and the “Most equipped Nutter”, as he has every conceivable tools ready for any adventure, was the lucky Nutter accompanied by three female nutters in shiny black Volvo. 



Unfortunately though, a few meters before exiting Gopeng toll, the car stalled as it ran out of gas!  Perhaps he wasn’t so lucky after all! The female Nutters had to push the Volvo all the way to the toll booth.Image

 It was an entertaining sight of passing motorists, as our hot female Nutters pushing the car in their colorful leggings. For this reason we strayed of schedule. Even so, we were laughing and enjoyed the fun, as it becomes part of our adventure that day.ImageImageImage


However, when we arrived at the cave, we could not find our guide, he was late! This leaves us with opportunities to posing and gear up for caving.

Finally, after waiting for almost an hour, our tour guide arrived. We were asked to fill out a form and choose a level to explore.



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Keeping Your Waistline While Taveling


It’s a vacation time! You are off to your dream destination and come home to find you have packed on the pounds! Weight gain and travel seems to go hand in hand. We think “How is that possible, I was only gone a week!”

There’s something about hitting the road that allows healthy habits to take a vacation, too. Remember tasting all of those regional culinary delights that you can’t get at home? While we were relaxing and indulge our self with foods and drinks, we tend to forget about our waistlines. Sure, you can blame willpower. The excuse most often use by many is simple, but clear “who cares? I’m on vacation!” But just past that incredible excuse lays our conscience and that old thing called the truth. And the truth always knows that the extra 1,000 calories you’re taking in a day won’t magically disappear just because you’re on vacation.

But whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure there are ways to keep yourself in check and on track to avoid packing those extra pounds.

Tiba masa untuk bercuti! Anda telah pergi ke destinasi impian dan pulang ke rumah mendapati berat badan telah bertambah! Kenaikkan berat badan ketika percutian kerap berlaku dan sukar dielakkan. Kita sering terfikir “Bagaimana ia berlaku, saya hanya bercuti seminggu!”


Perjalanan percutian juga seolah sering memberi keizinan kepada tabiat yang sihat turut bercuti. Ingatkah anda ketika keseronokan merasai hidangan masakan serantau yang tidak boleh temui ditempat sendiri? Semasa sedang berpesta menikmati keseronokkan dengan makanan dan minuman yang beraneka, pastinya kita cenderung untuk melupakan saiz pinggang yang semakin berkembang. Ya, mungkin anda boleh menyalahkan rasa keinginan yang membuak dalam diri. Malah, alasan yang kerap digunakan adalah mudah, dan jelas “mengapa mesti risau? Saya sedang bercuti!”

Tetapi disebalik alasan kukuh itu, hakikatnya tersembunyi kebenaran. Jumlah berat badan yang bertambah sebanyak 1000 kalori dalam sehari pasti tidak akan hilang dengan serta merta ketika waktu percutian.


Jadi, samada anda melakukan perjalanan kerana tugasan atau bercuti terdapat beberapa cara untuk memastikan anda sehat dan tidak membawa pulang berat badan yang lebih.


  1. Plan well: Come up with daily itineraries so you’ll know where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing most of the time. Surprises may pop up, but you’ll still feel as if you have some control of your trip. Making lists helps you feel organized although spontaneity is great, but having a bit of structure helps a lot.

Menyediakan pelan perjalanan membantu anda mengetahui tempat yang dituju dan aktiviti sepanjang masa. Sesuatu yang tidak dirancang mungkin akan berlaku, tetapi anda masih mampu mengawal perjalanan. Meskipun percutian secara spontan memberi keseronokkan namun mempunyai senarai perjalanan memberi persediaan yang akan membantu kelancaran percutian anda.

2. Pack healthy snacks: While at the airport and on road trips you will roll past countless fast food restaurants. Though these seem like a convenient option, they’re not the healthiest. Always carry back-up food in case you can’t find anything healthy to eat. Think fresh or dried fruits, almonds, trail mix, kale chips, protein bars, soy chips, cereal and plenty of water. Staying hydrated is the key.

Berada di lapangan terbang atau perjalanan anda pasti akan menemui banyak restoran makanan segera. Walaupun ia adalah pilihan yang mudah, namun ianya bukan sesuatu yang sehat. Membawa bekalan makanan membantu anda sekiranya berada ditempat yang sukar untuk mendapatkan makanan. Bekalan seperti buah-buahan segar atau kering, badam, bijirin, bar protein, cip soya, bijirin dan air yang banyak. Air mencukupi penting untuk badan.

3.      Balance your meals.

Indulging in rich foods three or more times as day is one way to guarantee weight gain. Instead, pick one meal to splurge on then monitor your indulgences the rest of the day. It’s not as hard as it looks. Skip the toast at breakfast, eat a locally inspired salad a lunch then dig in at dinner or, depending up on your itinerary, reverse the order and eat a light dinner.

Menjamu diri dengan makanan yang banyak tiga kali sehari atau lebih pasti menjamin kenaikkan berat badan. Sebaliknya, anda boleh memilih salah satu hidangan  penuh kemudian mengawal keinginan tersebut sepanjang hari. Ia bukanlah sesuatu sukar. Kurangkan pengambilan roti bakar ketika sarapan pagi, ambil salad tempatan untuk makan tengah hari dan bergantung pada jadual anda, makan hidangan yang lebih ringan untuk makan malam.

4.      Avoid the sugar coma

Things can get hectic while you’re traveling, but don’t give in to the temptation to grab a Snickers bar for breakfast. If you’re staying in a hotel or place with a kitchenette, you can avoid the fast-food trap by hitting the local grocery store for some easy-to-make, healthy meals. If don’t want to cook while you’re away from home, seek out the more nutritious restaurant options in the area.

Keadaan sering menjadi diluar kawalan ketika dalam perjalanan atau percutian tetapi ianya bukan alasan untuk bersarapan dengan hanya mengambil Snickers bar. Jika anda sedang menginap di hotel atau tempat yang menyediakan dapur kecil, anda boleh mengelakkan restoran makanan segera, sebaliknya pergilah ke pasaraya tempatan untuk mendapatkan beberapa bahan yang mudah untuk menyediakan makanan sihat. Sekiranya anda tidak ingin memasak semasa berada jauh dari rumah, pilihlah restoran yang lebih sihat.

5.  Watch your alcohol. (if you consume alcohol)

Try to limit alcoholic beverages; drinking throughout the day can pack on the pounds quickly. If you enjoy a glass of wine or beer limit yourself to 1 or 2 daily so you don’t over indulge. Try the “drink water in between” alcoholic beverages or opt for light beers instead of those calorie-packed cocktails. Better yet, just opt for water. You can’t go wrong staying hydrated and you won’t wake up hangover.

(Bagi mereka yang mengambil minuman beralkohol) Menghadkan minuman beralkohol; mengambil minuman yang mengandungi alkohol sepanjang masa boleh menambahkan berat badan dengan cepat. Jika anda suka menikmati wain atau bir kurangkan pengambilan kepada1 atau 2 gelas setiap hari. Amalkan cara “minum air di antara” minuman beralkohol atau memilih bir ringan tanpa mengambil koktel yang berkalori padat. Malah, adalah lebih baik jika hanya memilih air putih sebagai minuman. Anda pasti tidak akan mengalami masalah dan mengelakkan mabuk.

 6.  Use good judgment.

You know what’s good for you and what’s not. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean calories are free. Trust me, they’re not. Don’t let your brain go to mush and make bad choices. You don’t have to be perfect, just try your best.

Anda pasti lebih tahu tentang apa yang baik atau tidak untuk diri sendiri. Hanya kerana sedang bercuti ini tidak bermakna anda bebas dari kalori. Ketahuilah, ianya wujud. Jangan biarkan fikiran anda membuat pilihan yang tidak sehat. Tidak perlu untuk menjadi sempurna, anda hanya perlu cuba yang terbaik.

7.  Pack small workout tool.  Bring easy-to-pack fitness tool like rubber resistance band (use it in Pilate), or skipping rope. They take up less room than a hair dryer and are the most time efficient travel workout tools.  30 minutes workout in your maximum zone can do as much good and help to improve physical coordination including burn out those extra calories!

Bawalah bersama alat bersenam yang muda seperti jalur rintangan hgetah (digunakan dalam Pilate), atau tali loncat. Ia mengambil ruang yang kurang berbanding alat pengering rambut, dan merupakan alat senaman yang cekap di bawah ketika perjalanan. Mengambil 30 minit untuk bersenam boleh  dan membantu kecergasan diri, meningkatkan koordinasi fizikal serta membakar kalori tambahan!


8. Explore the city on foot.

What better way to experience the city you’re in than on foot? Take out the map and ask the hotel staff for some sights within walking distance. Use run and walks to explore the city and neighbourhood.

Apakah cara yang lebih sempurna ketika meninjau dan menikmati pengalaman kota yang anda lawati selain dari berjalan kaki? Bawa peta dan dapatkan maklumat daripada kakitangan hotel tentang beberapa tempat yang boleh dilawati dalam jarak berjalan kaki. Samada berlari atau berjalan gunakan peluang ini untuk meneroka kota dan sekelilingnya.



9. Spark some game: Traveling with a friend or lover? Turn fitness into a game! The person that runs farther or faster, or stays on their mountain bike the longest wins! And the loser? They get to buy dinner / drinks that night!

Bercuti dan mengembara bersama kawan atau kekasih? Jadikan ianya lebih bermakna dan sehat! Orang yang berjaya berjalan lebih jauh dan pantas, atau menunggang basikal dengan lebih lama akan menang! bagi yang kalah? Mereka akan membayar untuk makan malam!

10. Look for exercise opportunities.

Get your workouts in. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you stop taking care of your body. When you book a hotel ask about the workout facilities or trails nearby to walk or run. A great run in a new location can be an adventure and a fun way to restore your energy. Remember workout doesn’t have to consume your day while on vacation, just dedicate 30 minutes to an hour each morning to take care of yourself!

Teruskan pengamalan rutin senaman anda. Hanya kerana anda bercuti tidak bermakna penjagaan kesehatan badan perlu dihentikan. Semasa anda menempah hotel dapatkan maklumat tentang kemudahan senaman atau trek berdekatan untuk berjalan kaki dan berlari. Melakukan larian dikawasan baru boleh menjadikan pengembaraan lebih menyeronokkan dan mampu memulihkan tenaga. Senaman tidak perlu mengambil masa yang panjang semasa bercuti, hanya dengan meluangkan 30 minit setiap pagi untuk memastikan kesihatan diri!

No travel first aid kit should be without the basics: Pain reliever, cold medicines, and anti-diarrhea medication can make the difference between an inconvenience and an unpleasant medical situation. If you’re going to more exotic locations make an appointment with a travel medicine specialist for the necessary shots and preventative medication. Don’t forget your vitamins.

Relax. No one expects you to stick to your normal fitness plan 100%. If you can get 30 minutes in every day and stick to normal foods for 2/3 of your meals, you should come out of your trip in the same condition you left. You can stay healthy on the road with a little planning and be good to your body and still enjoy yourself.

Setiap bekalan kotak kecemasan untuk perjalanan perlu mempunyai ubat asas: pelega kesakitan, ubat selesema, dan ubat anti-cirit-birit mampu mengelakkan ketidakselesaan serta situasi perubatan yang tidak menyenangkan. Jika anda merancang untuk menuju ke lokasi yang lebih eksotik buatlah temujanji dengan pakar perubatan pelancongan bagi mendapatkan pelalian yang diperlukan dan ubat pencegahan. Jangan lupa membawa vitamin anda.


Relax.Tiada siapa yang menjangka anda untuk berpegang kepada 100% terhadap rutin kecergasan anda. Jika anda boleh meluangkan 30 minit setiap hari dan hanya mengambil jumlah makanan untuk 2/3 daripada kebiasaan, anda akan kekal sehat dan mampu mengawal berat badan sama seperti sebelum memulakan percutian. Dengan sedikit perancangan penjagaan kesehatan, anda boleh terus kekal sihat dan menikmati percutian. 

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My little adventure at Broga’s Hill

It has been awhile since my last travelling to my neighbor country. My body is aching for another adrenalin rush but since I just got married to my new job, it doesn’t really allowed me to have a long leave at least not until next year. Lucky me, the job I’m in today is about Traveling and Lifestyle Magazine. This has given me new opportunity and open more doors into adventures.

So, where do I start? Well, several weeks ago I saw an old friend Matt (a talented photographer) posting pictures in fb on his outdoor activities like hiking and campaign. I gave him a call and asked him to put me in the loop for his next adventure. My wish came true when he told me that he and several friends are going for hiking and campaign that night in one of our famous local hill “Broga’s Hill” not far from Kuala Lumpur. Without hesitation I said yes and told him that I’ll be bringing another friend. It was a spontaneous and random decision!

After getting the list “what to bring” from him I quickly went to the nearest outdoor shop and get all the basic things for hiking. Wow! with only a regular brand I still blow few hundreds!

I went home packing then took a train to meet Annie at our meeting point in Bangsar where Matt will pick us up and soon joining the rest of hikers at another meeting point. There were 8 of us with four cars, all pumped up and ready!

We started our journey at 9.45pm and after 45 minutes driving we finally reach the entrance to Broga’s Hill, I look around it was dark and I can only see the shadow of palm trees around us. I look at Annie and caught her giving me a look of “are we sure what we are doing?” hahaha

After given briefing by Matt, we start to hike with only minimal light from our headlights. For the first 15 minutes the hike was easy, the terrain was quite flat. However I started to panting.. not to mention I was freaking out with the dark surrounding and the only thing I heard is the footsteps and my own heavy breath. The trek started to get challenging for me, and my level of stamina is embarrassing. To my head I was screaming asking ..what did I get my self into? I start saying to my self that I got to start doing physical exercise to stay healthy and no matter what I must set my foot at the peak to night. I had to keep talking to distract my self from feeling tired and pain on my both legs.

We reached at an open flat ground with big boulders. We rested for a few minutes and drank water. Staring down the hill, I can see the small town of Semenyih decorated with night lights. it’s almost 12pm. Energy restored, we continued ascending to the next landing. With a little more energy I made my final push to the peak.

At the peak, we set our camp and tents before we start preparing foods for dinner. We sat in a circle and exchanges some story before we took a rest and wait for the sunrise at dawn.

The real test came when the weather dramatically changed, we were assault by the strong wind and heavy rain pouring non stop for two hours. Imagine, it was years since i spent my last sleep in the tent away from the modern facilities. I was shivering from cold but not much we can do, I and Annie exchanged worried look and pray that rain would stop and hoping everything will be alright.

At 4am, the rain started to stop and and we could clearly hear a dozen of footsteps outside our tent. I remember Matt told me this hill will be full of hikers in the weekend trying to catch the panorama of sunrise. I try to get some sleep but my mind is full of thoughts. I look at AnnieBeb, sejuk lah aku tak boleh tidur… kat luar macam ramai orang je.. next time mu nak buat lagi kerja ni hahaha? ( beb, I’m cold and I can’t sleep… I can hear plenty of people outside.. next time do you wanna do it again..hahaha) I ask Annie if she would do it again and we caught our self burst into laugh. definitely we will do it again!

The view at dawn before sunrise up

The view at dawn before sunrise up

Having our morning coffee while enjoying the view after being assault by the weather

Having our morning coffee while enjoying the view after being assault by the weather

After dramatic moment with a heavy rain and strong wind.. finally the sun are beginning to rise presenting breathtaking views from the peak of Broga's..

After dramatic moment with a heavy rain and strong wind.. finally the sun are beginning to rise presenting breathtaking views from the peak of Broga’s.. (pic, courtesy of Matt Marzuki

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Get Together As a Family Ritual Bring Family Closer

familyYou love your family, but in today world, daily routines can drain the fun out of being together with family. Between working parents and kids whose lives are dictated by school and extracurricular activities (not to forget the internet and gadgets that often steal our children from us), finding quality family time often become a challenge. Busy school and work schedules, play dates and general day-to-day routines can dramatically decrease the amount of quality time spent together as a family.

So what do you do to stay connected and strengthen family bonds to ensure your family stays close together? Get organized and be creative to maximize the time you spend together.

Whether your kids are young and still living at home, away at college or with families of their own, it is important to stay connected. There’s plenty of fun and easy ways to get closer as a family.  It’s time to bring your family closer together by making family time a priority and supporting one another. You can plan a regularly scheduled family fun night or weekend, and spend an evening doing an activity that everyone will enjoys.

With all of the hectic schedules it’s easy to let the craziness take over and push us away from the love ones. Make time as often as possible ( once a week or twice a month at least) to sit down and have dinner together and catch up what’s happening to them behind us.

Create ritual and make it as a family tradition. Pick one night as a family night.  Invite extended family over to promote bonding with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives. Cook and bake your own recipe and share it with them.

Story time is another great way to strengthen the connection with family. After the dinner, gather the whole family whether in the living room or balcony, then tell something wonderful or story about family and your ancestor or choose any classic games the one that’s appropriate for the ages that will be playing like Monopoly and Scrabble.

How to put the fun back in your family is one simple way to increase your family fun is to make sure each member of the family contributes equally. Why not give each person including the little ones a chance to decide on the family fun activity? You may be surprised at the simple things they can come up with.




images (4)


Malaysian Kids Waving



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I finally write again

I thought for hours today on what I would write next. Many years ago I’ve already created a blog and pen down my thoughts but then along the way I got distracted and demotivated til I lost no more interest and stop writing.

It’s been some time that I want to start writing my own blog, and I had been trying to write this for a few days but somehow I seems got disconnected while in the mid of writing and editing process.. but last night while browsing some blogs, I talked myself into thinking I was some internet hotshot because I got 1500 hits in three days..

And this blog was supposed to be anything and everything for me, from Traveling, The Cities, The People, Women, Fashion, Foods, Lessons learn and Tips.Rise & Shine

I have no intention to be restricted to a particular subject and, rather than a place where I can share my experiences and toss out my views. I wished this blog to be a place where good conversations can happen.

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