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Caving at Gua Tempurung and White Water Rafting With The Nutters at Gopeng Perak – Part 1

With the stressful life in the city and work pressures, more and more people yearn for the nature and the slow pace of life outside the city.


It was earlier this year, as always, by the midweek we begin to think and planning to escape from the city. After one of the members in the group suggested cave exploration and white water rafting in Gua Tempurung, it became an instant hit.



While only a few more days before we set out, the number of Nutters for this adventure increased in size, from only 4 people we grew about 23 people. After discussing about our plans on trip, we agree to convoy to Ipoh using five separate cars. In the morning as we heading, we first met for breakfast at the R & R in Rawang.


it was a perfect sunny day for and adventures such ours. Adli Dahalan who also known as Abah and the “Most equipped Nutter”, as he has every conceivable tools ready for any adventure, was the lucky Nutter accompanied by three female nutters in shiny black Volvo. 



Unfortunately though, a few meters before exiting Gopeng toll, the car stalled as it ran out of gas!  Perhaps he wasn’t so lucky after all! The female Nutters had to push the Volvo all the way to the toll booth.Image

 It was an entertaining sight of passing motorists, as our hot female Nutters pushing the car in their colorful leggings. For this reason we strayed of schedule. Even so, we were laughing and enjoyed the fun, as it becomes part of our adventure that day.ImageImageImage


However, when we arrived at the cave, we could not find our guide, he was late! This leaves us with opportunities to posing and gear up for caving.

Finally, after waiting for almost an hour, our tour guide arrived. We were asked to fill out a form and choose a level to explore.



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Get Together As a Family Ritual Bring Family Closer

familyYou love your family, but in today world, daily routines can drain the fun out of being together with family. Between working parents and kids whose lives are dictated by school and extracurricular activities (not to forget the internet and gadgets that often steal our children from us), finding quality family time often become a challenge. Busy school and work schedules, play dates and general day-to-day routines can dramatically decrease the amount of quality time spent together as a family.

So what do you do to stay connected and strengthen family bonds to ensure your family stays close together? Get organized and be creative to maximize the time you spend together.

Whether your kids are young and still living at home, away at college or with families of their own, it is important to stay connected. There’s plenty of fun and easy ways to get closer as a family.  It’s time to bring your family closer together by making family time a priority and supporting one another. You can plan a regularly scheduled family fun night or weekend, and spend an evening doing an activity that everyone will enjoys.

With all of the hectic schedules it’s easy to let the craziness take over and push us away from the love ones. Make time as often as possible ( once a week or twice a month at least) to sit down and have dinner together and catch up what’s happening to them behind us.

Create ritual and make it as a family tradition. Pick one night as a family night.  Invite extended family over to promote bonding with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives. Cook and bake your own recipe and share it with them.

Story time is another great way to strengthen the connection with family. After the dinner, gather the whole family whether in the living room or balcony, then tell something wonderful or story about family and your ancestor or choose any classic games the one that’s appropriate for the ages that will be playing like Monopoly and Scrabble.

How to put the fun back in your family is one simple way to increase your family fun is to make sure each member of the family contributes equally. Why not give each person including the little ones a chance to decide on the family fun activity? You may be surprised at the simple things they can come up with.




images (4)


Malaysian Kids Waving



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I finally write again

I thought for hours today on what I would write next. Many years ago I’ve already created a blog and pen down my thoughts but then along the way I got distracted and demotivated til I lost no more interest and stop writing.

It’s been some time that I want to start writing my own blog, and I had been trying to write this for a few days but somehow I seems got disconnected while in the mid of writing and editing process.. but last night while browsing some blogs, I talked myself into thinking I was some internet hotshot because I got 1500 hits in three days..

And this blog was supposed to be anything and everything for me, from Traveling, The Cities, The People, Women, Fashion, Foods, Lessons learn and Tips.Rise & Shine

I have no intention to be restricted to a particular subject and, rather than a place where I can share my experiences and toss out my views. I wished this blog to be a place where good conversations can happen.

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