Every child is an artist but the problem is staying an artist when you grow up and start hearing voice  telling you that you no longer can paint.. that you no longer that special talented kid ..

Not long ago, I almost throw my *crayons* when I start hearing the voices. I keep hearing from every corners that I can’t continue paint. Worse, I start hearing within me whispering that saying I can’t paint.  Then by all means I gathered the courage in every veins and start painting again. For sometimes I keep painting, then one morning  that voice stop and just went silenced.

I’m not a painter but what I’m trying to say here I have no fear of perfection and I don’t wait for inspiration to come but rather than I’ll  go after it and paint my own reality. I can dream, I can be what I want to be, I’m not afraid to live life and fulfills my fantasies, I learn a lot of  tricks to help me live my life and I’m looking at the world from an optimistic light.


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