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I finally write again

I thought for hours today on what I would write next. Many years ago I’ve already created a blog and pen down my thoughts but then along the way I got distracted and demotivated til I lost no more interest and stop writing.

It’s been some time that I want to start writing my own blog, and I had been trying to write this for a few days but somehow I seems got disconnected while in the mid of writing and editing process.. but last night while browsing some blogs, I talked myself into thinking I was some internet hotshot because I got 1500 hits in three days..

And this blog was supposed to be anything and everything for me, from Traveling, The Cities, The People, Women, Fashion, Foods, Lessons learn and Tips.Rise & Shine

I have no intention to be restricted to a particular subject and, rather than a place where I can share my experiences and toss out my views. I wished this blog to be a place where good conversations can happen.

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